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Iasc Map Legend

Iasc (eesk), the fishing village of the humans. Elves know little of this place
that nearly three generations of the five-fingers have called home.

  1. Northern Gate Stones- Edging the northern, waist-high stone wall that surrounds the village, those wishing to go to the standing stones exit the village here. It is customary to circle the stone on one's right in a clockwise direction when one enters and leaves the village via a gate.
  2. Dwellings - The humans' stone dwellings are scattered in various places throughout the village, though most tend to be clustered toward the center..
  3. Council Hall - The Council of Elders, the non-religious leadership body of the village, meets here.
  4. Pier/Fishing Boats - The three-man fishing boats are docked here where the waters are still deep.
  5. Village Center - A gathering place for the people--celebrations and gatherings are usually held here.
  6. Beach - Somewhat small, the sands of the beach are deep and bordered by rocky and cave-strewn crags that stretch for miles down the coastline..
  7. Storehouse - Where goods and food are stored for later use. It was recently destroyed due to fire and had to be rebuilt.
  8. Stables/Pens - Though the humans do not raise many animals, this location is where sheep are penned during the night.
  9. Drem Lake- Located just past Iasc's southern gates, the lake is the source of fresh water for the villagers and also serves as a place to bathe.

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