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"Alas, these are trying times... But one might say that of all times of change. After ten tens of turns of peace, I didn't want to believe what Wren said she saw when she rode out and, instead, I had to see for myself...

But what Wren had said was true. The humans are here--and it appears they are here to stay. They build houses of stone and strange circles of stone, as well. Stones that cannot be easily moved. Whether our future holds war with them, I do not yet know.

Come, howl with us, stranger. If war is our way, let your blade be at your side and your wits be about you. If our future is peace, may those times last forever."

- Chief Wildlight

- Current Happenings -

Stormrise Holt has closed. Thanks to all the members, past and present, for a great 6 and 1/2 year run. It's been a pleasure!

-Heidi, Stormrise Holtmistress


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