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Elfquest dot com - The official Elfquest site by WaRP graphics. Get the latest on upcoming releases, get the inside info on your favorite EQ characters, or order great ElfQuest Merchandise from the Wolfrider Shop!
Elfquest Literary Awards - Awards that focus on the literary side of Elfquest fandom. Nominate and vote for fine writers in Elfquest holts.
Elfquest Oscars - Recognize the skills and creations within Elfquest Holts.
Eyes Meet Eyes - The Elfquest Fanlisting.
For Elf Eyes Only - Get your monthly fix at the fan site dedicated to Elfquest-related art, games, stories, articles, and links. Also includes a site of the month, quizlet, and member newsletter. Visitor participation highly encouraged.
Frozen Rain Cave - Pictures and stories of Afke Van Herpt's RP elves. Also includes links, stories, and more!
Golden Wolf Awards - Come vote for your favorite fan holt characters, holt website, artist, writer, and more!
Role Players Guild Awards - Cast your vote for the people behind the characters!
Sun Girl's Art - Personal art site of Erin Roberts, long time Elfquest fan, reader and artist.
Tirn-Aill - Once upon a time, a long time ago, there were two young girls who lived in the fair city of Rotterdam in a beautiful country called the Netherlands... Once captivated by Elfquest, they decided to invent a world of their own.
Birchheart Holt - Birchheart Holt is based on the ElfQuest comics by Wendy and Richard Pini and set on the World of Two Moons. This is a 'zine style club where writers and artists can participate in a continuous timeline.
Descantia - We are the elves of Descantia, we are the clan that weaves the song of life. Everything around us is a symphony, from the smallest grain of sand, to the tallest mountaintop. Even our blades sing. Come dance with us, come join the song, you will never be the same again.
Forgotten Mists Holt - The Holt is surrounded by miles and miles of forest. The Wolf River cuts through the heart of the forest, and down a great canyon, where the Holt is. The water falls are like enormous steps leading into a misty world where the elves live.
Great River Holt - A great drought has ravaged the land of the great river valley and many have died: animals, human, and elf. Now the waters are flowing again and life is returning along with the great herds of branch horns, but with it so returns the season of white cold. However the chief is dead, his top knot up for grabs. Only a handful of elves are still alive and only new blood will allow this tribe to survive.
Hidden Winds Holt - From the lands far to the north, from the Frozen Mountains, we came. Forged in ice and tempered with the cold of battle, we descended from our mountain home to seek a new land, and a new life. Here, in the place where the green stretches farther than the eyes can see, where it stretches on forever, we have ceased our search.
LastHaven Holt - After they were driven from their home, the elves of LastHaven have ventured into unfamiliar lands to carve out a new life for themselves. Learning the vices and virtues of their new forest can only be done by experience, and in a land heavily influenced by magical springs, that experience may come at a high price.
New Hope Holt - This world is not the World of Two Moons. It still has two moons and elves, but it is inhabited by magical creatures, dragons, gryphons, and several others. Come, explore....
Shadow Wolf Holt - Here a tribe of Wolf riders live. Inside a large valley is located the father tree. Located inside the valley gorge there is also a stream & some caves where the elves live during the white cold & store extra food.
Strangled Vines Holt - We are refugees, fleeing from our much beloved holt near the ocean. Once it was invaded by sea snakes, we never found peace anymore. Twice they attacked, twice they killed and we didn't. It was time to move on, Wolf's Bay was no longer our home.
Wandering Isle Holt - Our Wandering Mother has been home for generations, and sometimes hundreds of turns pass without an elven eye encountering our ancient Dryland home. We take joy in the ocean - embracing both its bounty and peril - and we have truly become children of the sea. Our way of life is strong and sure, never faltering after all this time, but something new lurks just on the horizon. Our seer Deepgaze has been having terrible nightmares, and although she is not yet sure what they mean it's clear that we must be ready for whatever awaits us.

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