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Published on stormrise.com on November 26, 2001
Part 1

A story of Nightcry's first wolf bond.

::Play now elf-friend?::

Greenbranch laughed as she hugged Fangshade, her beloved wolf friend. He was a small sized, very young wolf pup, with bluish-gray fur and shining yellow eyes. So called because he was very shady and often growled when someone, who wasn't Greenbranch, dared to approach him. Though, with her, he was the most sweet, playful, and gentle wolf pup of the pack. The only true friend Greenbranch ever had.

**As you say, little one** she giggled. Fangshade happily barked to her before he twisted and jumped away from her hug, playfully barking around her in a happy dance.

::Elf-friend play! Elf-friend play!:: he locksent to her. Then, he suddenly turned away, vanishing into the woods.

**How do you bet I'll find you immediately, you little pest?** Greenbranch laughed.

::Elf-friend play!:: the voice of the wolf sounded once again.

**Be ready Fangshade, I'm coming to catch you** Greenbranch warned, before she started walking around. Looking for the small wolf. The sun was high in the bright sky and wind was not very cold: a perfect day for games, she thought happily. Her brown eyes gazed all around while she quickly ran between trees and bushes, ready to stop as she saw a lightning of bluish fur. Then, she heard the scent of several other elves, tribemates of hers, and stopped, surprised. What was happening? Why was everyone in the woods? Were they playing taal?

**Here there's someone!** a voice opensent. A voice she could recognize between hundreds of others.

**Mother?!** she weakly sent.

**I heard something.** the voice sent again. For a while the silent fell on the wood, then Cooltouch jumped down from a tree and saw her daughter **Greenbranch! High Ones cubling, are you allright?** she asked hugging her tightly.

**Me?** surprised Greenbranch asked **Huh... I think yes... why do you ask, mother?** she turned to see her mother:

Cooltouch's eyes were opened wide from fear, she could feel she was nervous just from her sending.

**Cubling, didn't you hear Plainswalker's opensending? High Ones, I can't think... you risked so much Greenbranch...** Cooltouch cried hugging her daughter once again.

**But why?!** Greenbranch asked **Mother, what's happened?!**

**There are giant snakes here around, Greenbranch. Many of them, our hunters are just on the way** Cooltouch whispered **We found two tribemates dead, and three wolves too. High Ones, cubling. head back at home immediately! Can you? Greenbranch? Are you listening to me?**

No, suddenly Greenbranch wasn't listening to her. She was as pale as death and trembled with fear.

**FANGSHADE!** she screamed.

**What...?** Cooltouch asked.

**Mother, hurry! Fangshade's wandering in the woods! He doesn't know of the snakes!** Nightcry cried **Please mother let's find them! If snakes would harm him...**


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