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Published on stormrise.com on July 7, 2001
Part 1

Greenbranch looked at her prey, careful to don't treath the deer in front of her. She quickly took her bow, ready to attack. Fox wasn't around - fortunately, she thought with a grin. She was having a wonderful hunt, while she never saw her brother from when they left.

The deer raised his head and looked at the elfess. In that moment, she noticed a shadow with red hair. She could bet who he was. Fox was trying to catch her prey? She didn't want so. Fast as a lightning, she threw her arrow and ran to the deer that fell down lifeless.

**"Tribemates will be proud of me!"** she thought happily, looking at the deer. She never caught a so big one in her life, and she also got some others preys: enought to show to the others how well she was as huntress.

Suddenly, a shadow arrived behind her and she turned looking at Fox.

**"So you won."** he sent.

**"What is? Are you jealous, Fox?"** Greenbranch asked.

"Yes I'm. I saw this deer before you. You hadn't right to.."**

Greenbranch grinned.

**"Don't be stupid, Fox!"** she angrily sent. **"I saw you were coming!"**

"What? It isn't true.."

**"So why don't you tell it sending?"** Greenbranch asked with coldness. Fox seemed as furious as never before.

**"Well."** he sent with anger. **"So little Greenbranch succeeded to take a old stupid deer. And so?"** he nodded. **"It isn't matter for me."**

**"And you, Fox?"** Greenbranch asked. **"How many deers did you killed?"**

Fox's eyes shined.

**"I..."** he started. Then, growling. **"Nothing."**


**"I didn't catch nothing! Clear enough?"** he yelled, furiously, going back at the holt.

**"How much I'm sorry!"** Greenbranch grinned. **"Oh, I'm really sorry that all will thank me and not you for this deer..."**

Fox didn't reply to her: he ever didn't turn to look her, grumbling and growling. Greenbranch came back with a large smile on her face. She, who was the youngest - she was better than Fox. So being elder didn't mean obiouvsly being better.

Still carrying her deer by herself, she suddenly heard a scream. She ran there, but Fox was too fast for her. She stopped, leaving the deer.

**"Take care of it, Nightbow."** she sent to her second wolf-friend. Then she ran searching for the way.


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