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Published on stormrise.com on January 24, 2002
Part 1

**I've always loved you, Goldstar. And You know that.**

Those words had echoed in her mind. The image of his back as he walked away burned into her mind. He had been so quick to leave her alone. She was too full of strong emotions to go after him and ask more. She was shocked, confused, embarrassed and even sad.

She continued to stare at the spot where Hawkeye had disappeared into the Hurst. After a long moment MudSpatter whuffled and nudged her elbow. The cold nose brought her around to real world. She tried to clear her head with a small shake, but those words clung to the edges of her mind. She buried her fingers into the wolf's ruff and gave him a loving scratch. The speckled wolf tilted his head to let her know he was enjoying that.

The shriek of hawk's crying drew her green eyes to the sky above. The morning star was just starting to touch the sky and a pair of proud hawks had taken to the skies to greet her. However, they didn't only greet her they danced for her as well. It didn't take Goldstar long to realize there was a courtship going on above her head. One hawk soared upon thermals of warming air, moving higher into the sky. The dawning light cast a red glow upon golden feathers. The other hawk, looking just as glorious winged his way even higher into the sky, only to flatten his wings and dive for it's companion. Just as his decent took it past the other, it flared its wings, causing it to swing upside down in mid air. This had to be the male, his talons grasped those of the other and the pair, wings stretched wide spiraled out of the sky. The fall only lasted a few heart beats before the parted. Together the pair flew off to find a branch somewhere.
The display brought an admiring, yet sad sigh from her lips. Recognition with Talon had been so much like that. Just like those hawks, when her and Talon's souls met.... Oh what a feeling.... It was like falling. Such ecstasy as you spiral out of control into the arms of such a primal need. She often wondered to herself after Talon's death, if she'd ever know that feeling again. How could you love another after having such an experience?

She didn't really know that answer, but yet....


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