It was Wren Songshaper who opened the relationship between elf and griffin. Following the death of her wolf bond, Wren retreated to the forests and mountains for months, finding fellowship with the intelligent, flying creatures of the north on her second soul journey and sealing the first-ever bond. Now, many more have become bonded to the great flyers -- it is indeed a new Way for the elves of Stormrise. Living side by side with their Wolfrider relatives, the elf has become both master of land and air.



  • Metalshaper; Weapon Smith;
    Keeper of Human Knowledge
  • Brother of Sunfire
  • Recognized mate
    of Wren Songshaper
  • Bondbeast: Pinfeather (Monarch Griffin)
  • Played by: NPC/Adoptable


  • Huntress, Rockshaper
  • Guardian of Dawn
  • No Lovemates or Lifemates
  • Bondbeast: FlyHigh (Griffin)
  • Played by: Sharon


  • Hunter; Fisher
  • Brother of Nightcry
  • No Lovemates or Lifemates
  • Bondbeast: Terrorstrike (First-Wing Griffin)
  • Played by: Heidi


  • Trapper; Master of Unarmed Combat
  • No living family
  • No Lovemates or Lifemates
  • Bondbeast: NightWynd (Griffin)
  • Played by: Sharon


  • Huntress, Herbal Animal Healer, Midwife
  • No Living Family
  • No Lovemates or Lifemates
  • Bondbeast: Freedom (Griffin)
  • Played by: Kristin


  • Metalshaper, Jeweler
  • No Living Family
  • Lovemate of Shadowmist
  • Bondbeast: Shadow (Griffin)
  • Played by: NPC/Adoptable


  • Huntress
  • Mother of Bearcub
  • Recognized mate of Traildust
  • Bondbeast: Goldenclaw (Griffin)
  • Played by: Kim G.


  • Firestarter; Scout
  • Sister of Brace
  • No Lovemates or Lifemates
  • Bondbeast: Summit
    (High Griffin Matriarch)
  • Played by: Vicki


  • Cub; Healer
  • Grandson of Nock
  • No Lovemates or Lifemates
  • Bondbeast: Swift (Griffin)
  • Played by: Linn

Wren Songshaper

  • Songshaper (storyteller);
    Griffin Hunt Leader;
  • Sister of Wildlight
  • Recognized mate
    of Brace
  • Bondbeast: Gloaming
  • Played by: Heidi



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