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Published on stormrise.com on November 20, 2001
Part 1

About the relationship between Talon, Hawkeye and Goldstar, the illness and the death of Talon.

A loud laughter filled the still silent Hurst. The sun stood high at the sky, so most elves where sleeping at this very moment. Hawkeye woke up by hearing this sound. What was happening? Humans? Had they found their Hurst? They lived at daytime!

But he didn’t recognize the sound to be human. He silently moved over to the entrance of his den, and again he heard a bright laugh. A little bit annoyed, he searched the source of the sound, but actually he knew that already. His thoughts were confirmed when a golden haired elf maiden with bright leaf green eyes ran towards his den.

His heart made a small jump. He silently watched the maiden coming nearby, and smiled. He had always had feelings for her. Goldstar. With her long golden locks and her twinkling eyes she was lovely to see.

Goldstar and he had practically grown up together. He was only a couple of years older then she, and he had always protected her from any harm, together with the somewhat older Talon, his best friend. They had a friendly competition between the both of them, to win the love of this lovely creature.

He had always had the slight feeling that Goldstar felt more for Talon then for him. She could laugh so loud at his humour that the tears rolled over her cheeks.

She had never had that when he tried to tell a joke. She then had smiled softly, and had fast turned her head back to the red-brown haired Talon.

And then suddenly, recognition struck. Goldstar and Talon recognized, and suddenly their competition was totally over. Talon wanted to protect his lifemate with all the love and things he could. The friendship, that had been thought everlasting, suddenly froze. Talon and Hawkeye did fewer things together. Actually, their friendship was over. The trips that the three of them had made were over. In some way it seemed that Talon did not even think of sharing Goldstar anymore.

After two turns, their daughter was born. Hawkeye remembered that night. It was printed in his memory, and he didn’t have the feeling that it would ever go away.

That night, a huge storm tortured the Hurst, and he remembered that he felt a slight feeling of fear. It didn’t happen that often that such a huge storm came over the Hurst.

Then, they all received the sending of Talon, who had sounded pretty panicked. Hawkeye simply had felt the urge to go over there and help his best friend and his mate. He eventually had accepted the way Talon was behaving, and in his own ways he felt happy for them.

So he had fought the wind and the rainfall, and totally wet he entered..


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